Sumatra - Aceh Gayo

Roast: Light / Medium
Origin: Sumatra
Variety: Catimor, P88
Process: Wet-hulled
Altitude: 1650 – 1700 m.a.s.l.
Producers: Anna & Voster
Notes: Jasmine, Tree Nuts, Apricot

Grown In the Gayo Highlands in the state of Aceh Northern Sumatra. This wet hulled washed processed coffee is among the best of it’s kind. Voster and Anna are farmer/processors. They own a small micro lot in the Aceh region of North Sumatra. In addition to their personal farm they buy cherry from a small group of farmers in their village. They work together as a couple to process this coffee. The cherries are carefully selected after which they are sun-dried on patios. They are first dried to 35% moisture content after which they are hulled and dried until 11.5 - 12 percent. The beans are then carefully hand sorted and packaged in grainpro bags.

Who is Anna and Voster?

A husband and wife team, Anna and Voster grow and process coffee in the mountainous Aceh Gayo region of Sumatra, Indonesia. Years ago Voster and Anna moved to the mountains from the town of Medan to focus on sustainable farming and best practices. They have spent the past decade fine tuning their craft to pull out the unique and beautiful flavor profiles of their locale. Anna and Voster currently head up a small group of about 20 farmers. They buy premium cherries from the farmers and then process it on their personal farm. Local farmers love to work with Anna and Voster because they not only pay above market value for the cherries, but they also give time to develop other farmers and add value to their lives by training them in best farming practices. Their commitment to growth and excellence for themselves and others is inspiring. As passionate as Anna and Voster are about people, they also care deeply about the way they handle the resources and land they farm. They work hard to maintain closed loop farming practices by raising goats to provide natural fertilizer and composting all coffee cherry waste. Their farm currently processes natural, honey, fully washed and wet hulled coffees. Anna and Voster’s meticulous attention to detail has allowed them to pull flavors from their wet-hulled coffees that has eluded others using similar methods. Today, their small farmer group is recognized throughout the region for its quality coffee.


Note: To ensure the highest quality, all coffee is roasted-to-order. This can take 24 - 72 hours after order has been received and according to roasting schedule. You will be notified through email when order has shipped or ready for local pickup.