Mexico - Xico (Trilogy set)

Roast:  Light-Medium
Variety:  Typica & Bourbon
Process: Natural / Washed / Honey
Altitude:  1250 m.a.s.l
Producer:   Samuel Ronzon

This is the trilogy set (three bags with 4oz of coffee) from Xico, Mexico, All coffees come from the same nano lot but all have been processed differently. With this set you can truly see how fermentation and different processes can alter the taste of coffee. It's another way we can provide a different coffee experience in your home. Enjoy the journey!

Beautiful coffees from "mad scientist" producer Samuel Ronzon. We had the pleasure of meeting Samuel in 2017 on our coffee origin trip. Little did we know at the time that Samuel's coffee would be used by Mexican superstar barista, Carlos de la Torre, who placed 8th in the World Barista Championship in 2019. We love the close relationship we've established with Samuel and hope we can continue to do justice to the outstanding coffee Samuel and his team produce. This coffee truly takes you on a Jaunt.


Note: To ensure that your coffee is utmost exceptional, we roast as orders are placed. This may result in variable shipping times of up to a week before your coffee is shipped to you. We appreciate your patience but it's worth the wait to have delicious coffee!