Colombia - Antioquia - El Diamante

Roast: Light
Variety: Yellow & Red Colombia
Process: Natural with Anaerobic Coffee Wine
Altitude: 1675 m.a.s.l.
Producer:Sebastian Velasquez Betancur
Notes:Champagne, Cacao Nibs, Pineapple, Tropical Fruits


The coffee cherries are harvested at their peak ripeness, after that they are floated in water tanks to take out impurities like sticks, leaves, bitten & unripe cherries. After that the fermentation starts with previous fermentation coffeewine "mossto" and sits in the coffeewine for 5 days. Why use coffee mossto? Because it has more micro-organisms and leads to more intense fermentation. After that process it dries for 28 days on drying beds "marquesina".


Note: To ensure the highest quality, all coffee is roasted-to-order. This can take 24 - 72 hours after order has been received and according to roasting schedule. You will be notified through email when order has shipped or ready for local pickup.